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Total Medals Earned: 9 (From 5 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 50 Points


Medals Earned: 5/34 (25/405 points)

First Steppes 5 Points

Complete the first level

Bunny 5 Points

Complete the second level

Acid Blood 5 Points

Die to blood

5x2 5 Points

Die 10 times

5x5 5 Points

Die 25 times

Trap Card 5 Points

Complete the third level

sssss 5 Points

Complete the fourth level

Go 5 Points

Complete the fifth level

Come Back 5 Points

Complete the sixth level

zzzzz 5 Points

Complete the seventh level

Tail Chasing 5 Points

Complete the eighth level

Gaming 5 Points

Complete the ninth level

Pew Pew 5 Points

Complete the tenth level

bzzzt 10 Points

Complete the eleventh level

Dodging 10 Points

Complete the twelfth level

Bobbing 10 Points

Complete the thirteenth level

Production 10 Points

Complete the fourteenth level

Flip Side 10 Points

Complete the fifteenth level

Weaving 10 Points

Complete the sixteenth level

Rabbit 10 Points

Complete the seventeenth level

Canyon 10 Points

Complete the eighteenth level

AAAAH 10 Points

Complete the nineteenth level

Chambers 10 Points

Complete the twentieth level

Obsidian 25 Points

Complete the twenty first level

Turtleman 25 Points

Complete the twenty second level

Yes 25 Points

Complete the twenty third level

Finally 50 Points

Complete the final level

Harmful Discs 5 Points

Die to a saw

Big Guns 5 Points

Die to a cannon

Hot Stuff 10 Points

Beat a previously set time

5x10 10 Points

Die 50 times

5x20 10 Points

Die 100 times

Clean Sweep 25 Points

Complete all levels

Full House 50 Points

Unlock all medals

Death's Clutch

Medals Earned: 1/4 (10/170 points)

Leap of faith 10 Points

Survive the warehouse by jumping into the hole

Alien Daddy 50 Points

Hatch a big alien egg

Alien Mommy 10 Points

Hatch a small alien egg

Fearless 100 Points

Escape the underground maze

Friday Night Funkin' Simulator

Medals Earned: 1/3 (5/15 points)

Kickstarted 5 Points

You went and looked into the Kickstarted, wow!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!


Medals Earned: 1/24 (5/500 points)

Catch me if you can 5 Points

Play the game for first time

Alexander the Great 25 Points

Break one bottle of each type

Pants on fire 5 Points

Burn the yolk butt with a heater

Sushi Fury Road 5 Points

Use the sushi belt

Order to take out 25 Points

Hit something from the restaurant menu

Party is over 10 Points

Pop 3 balloons

Panda Ancestors 10 Points

Break 50 bamboo plants

Eating with the birds 5 Points

Eat 3 sushi pieces while hanging from the balloons

Bronze medal with love 5 Points

Reach a score of 100000

Silver medal with love 10 Points

Reach a score of 150000

Gold medal with love 25 Points

Reach a score of 200000

Bullseye 25 Points

Hit a bottle in the air with your head

Yamero! 10 Points

Hit the chef

Down 5 Points

Make a combo of 15

Down Down-Right 10 Points

Make a combo of 30

Down Down-Right 25 Points

Make a combo of 45

Down Down-Right Right C 50 Points

Make a combo of 60

The Heian 50 Points

Eat the four golden sushi pieces in one run

Platinum cheeks 100 Points

Unlock all the achievements

Tristeza não tem fim 50 Points

Hit a sign with a seven and a one

Irasshaimase! 10 Points

Ring the bell

Plate Bazooka 5 Points

Fire the first plate through all the plates at the top shelf

Olympic fall 25 Points

Fall for more than 1.5 seconds

Boing boing with love 5 Points

Jump on the lamps 5 consecutive times

Yu Jammin

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/305 points)

You Are Jamming, Dude! 5 Points

Play Yu Jammin

Up And Coming 100 Points

Release your first track.

Shtunky 100 Points

Release a song that uses "snd_fartreverb"

World Star 100 Points

Release five different songs.